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So. I wrote this book. And it wasn’t available for sale for a long time. But now you can preorder it and/or other cool stuff like zines/buttons/postcards and fun bigger prizes like balloon twisting lessons or a custom sculpture. My book is about growing up against a landscape of abuse and poverty and coming out as queer in a really small rural town in the religious south. You might like it.

AAAAND … this will be the first title published by Sweet Candy Press as part of Sweet Candy Distro’s NINTH birthday!

If you can contribute, that’s great. If not, maybe you can repost this?

(Edited to include the actual link. Who knew a whole day of first time video editing could leave you so frazzled that you are incapable of copying the right link onto tumblr. Sorry, you guys! Should be a-ok, now, though.)

  • 10 June 2013
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